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Giving Quality Care

After your loved ones have gone through complex illness, surgery, dementia, Alzheimer’s, post cva/stroke post-delivery, Parkinson’s and end-of-life changes, they can start their journey toward recovery. During this period, they still need assistance until they can get back to their daily routine.

During this transition period, it’s important to provide the care they deserve, but attending to their needs all the time takes its toll. Let JUNUH IN HOME AND HEALTHCARE LLC lighten the load. No matter what the situation, our caregivers can provide support, so you and your loved ones can have peace of mind. We serve Birmingham, Jefferson and surrounding Alabama counties.


Your Family’s Well-Being Is Our Priority

At JUNUH IN HOME AND HEALTHCARE LLC, it is our goal to serve the needs of the whole family. We do this by providing individualized healthcare services to address the specific physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of our clients.

You will have the help of certified nursing assistants and personal care aides who can handle tasks for you

and your loved ones.


Going the Extra Mile

We provide more than just an extra pair of hands for errands. We are here to address the needs in our community by providing concierge and transportation services. We have partnerships with UBER Health, JET 50 and BIG WASH CLEANING SERVICE. Our team is prepared and ready to serve you your family.

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